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Rethinking our Occupations

It's no secret that the majority of our society views "work" as something unenjoyable and a required imposition that we all must somehow stomach. In fact, most of us collectively breathe a sigh of relief when we draw closer to that magical time every Friday evening ;) This mindset is understandable, but let's pause a moment to ask ourselves if it's an optimal mindset. Is it putting us in the best possible position to make the most out of our jobs and our lives? Waiting for something to end and dreading when it has to resume doesn't afford us the capacity to then maximize our potential in our professional spheres, or any sphere for that matter. I'm not saying that we need relish our professional occupations the same way we do other more pleasant things right now, but severely disliking what we are doing is certainly not going to enable us to maximize the moment at hand. This dislike actually inhibits our ability to see things as they are, to be able to ask questions about the current situation and make the best judgement as to what our next move should be. It's when we are not clouded by our emotional judgement of our work or our circumstances that we can actually reflect and do what is necessary in that moment, be it making a change as the situation allows or seeing through the task at hand with a renewed sense of purpose, efficacy and intention.

Pausing a moment to reduce the emotionality with which we view our occupations will actually make us more productive in our endeavors. We are then free to harness our own capabilities to be more effective, preventing a clouded mind from getting in the way. Even more important than this however is the decision to cease the flow stress hormones we are unconsciously sending into our physical and mental systems. Each time we have a disgruntled aversion to a situation, we are setting ourselves up for an adverse physical reaction. Over time, this repeated injection of stress chemicals creates an automated response pattern that can lead to chronic and serious health issues - how many of us are seeing this play out in our own lives or in those around us? Chronic back pain, hypertension, heart disease, poor sleep, fatigue... and the list goes on and on.

What we are not suggesting is going through life as an unengaged vegetable, blindly accepting whatever comes our way. Rather, we are suggesting not attaching a negative emotion that stigmatizes something that we clearly must do to subsist in society. So, let's play a game, where the objective is to view everything in our professional setting as a tremendous opportunity for growth and gain. How many people are dying for a job, and we are so blessed to have one in hand but are too blind to see it as something to be grateful for? Holding gratitude in relation to our professional occuptions is exceedingly important because it frees us up to be open to new possibilities. A new opportunity might present itself, or a new way of thinking might bubble up on the surface of our mind and enable us to change what we are doing now or how we are doing our existing vocation.

The key message here is to set yourself up for success by stopping emotions and responses that inhibit us from our individual nature's true capacity. The first step is to take control of how we think and the stories we tell ourselves about our current situations. Recognizing that everything we go through can actually be a catalyst for something greater beyond our current perception will open us up to those beautiful possibilities. In this vein, let's approach our occupations with a new sense of purpose and drive - allowing the best version of ourselves to shine through.

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