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Appreciate Mistakes

While often we cringe at remembering our past mistakes, have we ever asked ourselves why that is? Are we just wired to dislike "bad" memories? The plain fact with most of us is that we don't enjoy seeing ourselves in a negative light, and reliving our past transgressions only forces us to realize our various inabilities (heaven forbid we believe we are imperfect!)

But the obvious truth is that none of us are perfect. Period. However, we routinely play the "ostrich in the sand" to forget our imperfections because it's too painful to dwell in the mindset that we aren't 100% put together already. We NEED to have all the answers so we can go back to feeling good about ourselves. In doing this, we severely limit ourselves to our prejudices and predispositions, not allowing ourselves to be open to the possibility of genuine self improvement. We are willfully stunting our capability to learn and thus our capacity to experience life to its fullest potential. Fear drives us to present to the world (and more importantly to ourselves) that we need not seek improvement (or "wellness"), because we don't need to, that we already have it! Through our fast paced lives we continually reiterate this fallacy to our subconscious mind each and every day, which only makes it that much harder to break the cycle. But do we actually feel truly well in all that we do, think and say each day?

This predicament is not entirely our own fault. Our culture has fed us from day-one that we are "supposed" to have all the answers, that asking questions and thus exposing our ignorance is a sign of weakness and incapacity. However, it is precisely this inquisitiveness, this ability to simply say "I don't know" that opens the door for actual understanding, for actual intellegence to then come forth. Once we are able to be honest with ourselves, this opens the door for our innate awareness, our innate capacity to shine through and aid in the growth and evolutionary process that is happening to all of us. We can make the conscious decision to hasten this process in every sphere of life; our thoughts in our head, the words we speak, the food we consume, and the interactions we have with everyone around us can all be used as tools and opportunties for bringing more awareness into our day.

So, with this mindset, we can start to actually embrace our mistakes. Not to remain complacent that we wish to stay in our limited understandings or behaviours, nor to feel that our mistakes are a badge of honor or should be repeated, but that we are open to the concept that we want to grow and break the boundaries of our limitations. Let's stop and ask ourselves objectively, "Do I want to remain blind and static or do I want actual clarity to live a life full of dynamic growth and possibility?" We need to take back this power to choose and realize that we were not meant to remain stagant automotons in this world. Reflecting on our mistakes, and more importantly being comfortable when we invariably make mistakes, is a critical element of wellness. We are then able to take control of the emotional responses we exhibit, which in turn regulates the chemicals we release into our bodies, which subsequently lays the foundation for building a life led consciously. This is WELLNESS.

Everything in life, even our mistakes, are then worthwhile experiences, because they can offer a platform for future sucesses, a catalyst to embark on the journey to wellness. The first step is recognizing this process and empowering yourself to take advantage of these opportunities every day. Let's do it!

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