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Updated: Sep 21, 2017

How many of us are so busy doggedly pursuing the notions of "success" that has been laid out for us by our society that we don't know precisely what it is that we are living for? Unconsciously we have bought into the idea that public perception, wealth, power, physical image, social status etc will all undoubtedly offer us supreme fullfillment. If we are honest with ourselves, I'd guess it's the vast majority of us that have unknowingly entered this never-ending rat race chasing after what we've been conditioned to believe will provide us lasting happiness. However, the fact is, let's say we achieve all these things, that we want for nothing in the material sense, is it truly ever enough? Are we ever completely satiated after gaining something we've convinced ourselves will deliver supreme satisfaction?

Our minds are programmed to believe that "more is always better." In fact, this is a core foundational assumption of economic theory! Adding to this, with the advances we've made technologically, we've assumed that this "more" is to be found completely from external sources. Our systems are bombarded with nonstop informational stimuli that we consume without a second's pause. Can we stop and even ask ourselves if this cacophony even makes sense? Is it resonating with us as human beings, or have we become more machine than mammon?

IWI seeks to provide a small opening, a space of time in which all of us are able to take a moment, settle into our thoughts a bit, and allow a seed of awareness to take root and actually ask ourselves these questions in a systematic, logical manner. We're not talking about some airy-fairy abstract monologue laced with hyperbolic generalizations, but rather asking ourselves each as an individual, what it is that we want, and how can we ultimately get there. We believe, that when one has achieved soundness and equanimity in body, mind and spirit, all in concert with one another, then one can say we are truly living. Getting to that state is fundamental to what we refer to as the life process - seeking a deeper understanding of what it means to live, and it starts by asking some fundamental questions.

However, many of us have been so swept away by our life's circumstances that we are helpless to even pause and start this line of questioning within ourselves. We are prisoners to the limitations imposed upon us by our mind, body and emotions - all of which are reacting to the series of unconscious decisions we've made thus far in our lives. So, the first step to actually living life is to seek a balance in each of these spheres, to create a conducive physical, mental and emotional atmosphere in which we can then allow the inquisitiveness we all innately have to come forward and ask these questions.

This is the core basis of what IWI seeks to offer. Allowing space for the life process itself to burst forth in its fullest potential.

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