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Integra Wellness Institute 

what is IWI?

Recognizing that our current mode of healthcare is unsustainable, we envision a multidisciplinary, holistic integrative network of healthcare providers without borders or walls.  First and foremost patient centric, IWI provides a seamless transition of healthcare from clinic to home using the best of technology while also creating a synergistic platform for healthcare professionals to collaborate, share resources, and provide education both at a professional and personal level.


Who are we?

IWI brings together a group of like-minded medical and wellness professionals under one roof in the Carolinas but connected GLOBALLY via our virtual platform. As opposed to a haphazard hodge-podge of modalities, our physicians work together to present a customized, personalized, integrative protocol to walk with you on the journey from illness to wellness. Care does not end when you leave the clinic, but continues to your home via our technological presence which also serves as a collaborative network for your personalized wellness team.  

In partnership with Integra Wellness Center, IWI provides the following current and future services:    

Family Medicine

Physical Medicine & Rehabilitation

Internal Medicine


Holistic Nutrition

Integrative Palliative Care

Massage & Spa Services

Neuro-Muscular Release Technology

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Emotional Support and Life Coaching

Yoga & Meditation

Ayurvedic Comprehensive Wellness

Chiropractic Treatment

Adult and Pediatric Physical Therapy

Psychology & Counseling


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A cornerstone of IWI's mission is to empower professionals and patients with knowledge to apply integrative wellness principles in their professional and personal lives.

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"The greatest thing that we can do is to help somebody know that they’re loved and capable of loving."

- Fred (Mister) Rogers


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